better safe than sorry

原文解釋:  You should be cautious, if you are not, you may regret it.

中文解釋: 安全至上,小心不出大錯,這句應該有"預先準備妥當總比事後去後悔好"的意思



1. It may be time-consuming to check the oil in your car every time you buy gasoline,

    but better safe than sorry. 

2. Bob: I don't need a tetanus shot just because I stepped on a nail.

    ary: I still think you should get one. Better be safe than sorry..

3. a. Should I confirm my doctors appointment for tomorrow?

    b. Yes, you waited 3 months to get that appointment,

        so better safe than sorry, right? 

4. a. It looks like a bad day huh?

    b. Ya, I took in my laundry before I left the house,

        I thought beeter safe than sorry.


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