have second thoughts / second thought

原文解釋: to consider changing a decision you have already made

中文解釋: 表示再考慮,也許還會改變主意。

               若單獨使用second thought則有仔細考慮深思熟慮之意思     


second thought

1. You are so bold that you never do something on second thought.

2. He have intended to go, but on second thought, he give up the idea.

3. On second thought let's have chinese food tonight.

have second thoughts 

1. Sean Elliott appears to be having second thoughts about retirement.

2. Some of the biggest companies are having second thoughts about

    jumping into the Internet access business.

3. a. I'm having second thoughts about going to yoga class.

    b. Why, it is good exercise!

    a. Yes, but it's from 6 in the morning.

4. a. Are you still going grocery shopping this afternoon?

    b. I'm having second thoughts about going.

        It looks like its gonna rain, so I'll just use leftovers.


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