give someone a lift

原文解釋: give someone a ride; 

               to raise someone's spirits; to make a person feel better.

中文解釋: To give someone a lift 除了有讓人搭順路車的意思之外,




1. My colleagues came to see me when I was in hospital, it really gave me a lift.

2. Let's take some flowers when we go to visit Grandma, to give her a lift.

3. I think Dad needs to be cheered up. Perhaps going out for lunch will give him a lift?


4. I've got to get into town. Can you give me a lift?

5. a. Can I give you a lift to the airport this weekend?

    b. But I already bought tickets to the Narita express, so it's ok!

6. a. Can you give me a lift to the train station?

    b. Sure, its on the way!


    give someone a lift 英文片語


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