test the water

原文解釋: to try to discover what people think about an idea before you do anything about it,

               or to try to discover what a situation is really like before you become very involved in it

中文解釋: 試探與測試之意思


1. I mentioned my idea to a couple of friends as a way of testing the water

    and they were very enthusiastic about it.

2. Perhaps you should go to a couple of meetings to test the waters before you decide

    whether to join the club.

3. We are testing the waters to see if online ads increase sales.

4. a. How was the English class you started?

    b. It's only been one day so I'm still testing the water.

5. a. Have you decided which club you're going to enter in?

    b. Not yet, but I registered for three. I just want to test the waters on all of them.


    英文片語 test the water


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