in a nut-shell

原文解釋: Concisely, in a few words; something that you say 

               when you are describing something using as few words as possible

中文解釋: 簡潔,概括的說之意思


1. Here's our proposal-in a nutshell, we want to sell the business to you.

2. Just give me the facts in a nutshell.

3. Well, to put it in a nutshell, we're going to have to start again.

4. a. How was your first day of class?

    b. So many things happened but in a nut-shell, it was a pretty interesting day.

5. a. I don't have much time to listend to all of your story,

       so can you give it to me in a nut-shell?

    b. But you're gonna be missing out on all the good information.


    in a nut-shell 英文片語


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