fall on deaf ears

原文解釋: to be ignored by the persons they were intended for

中文解釋: 不被理睬;不受注意;没有被聽取


1. All of Sally's good advice fell on deaf ears. Walter had made up his own mind.

2. Her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears; the judge gave her the maximum sentence.

3. Warnings that sunbathing can lead to skin cancer have largely fallen on deaf ears in Britain.

4. a. Are you listening to what I am saying or is it falling on deaf ears?

    b. Sorry, my mind is wandering off, can you tell me again?

5. a. Do you think if I apologize to Marry for breaking her ipod she will forgive me?

    b. It will probably fall on deaf ears considering it's the 3rd ipod that you broke of hers!


    fall on deaf ears 英文片語


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