lost one's train of thought

原文解釋: to forget what one was talking or thinking about

中文解釋: 亂了思緒 ,突然忘記, 英文用「lose one's train of thought」來形容一個人的思路突然中斷,一時之間忘了自己在想什麼或要說什麼。

              「train of」是「一連串」、「一系列」的意思,


A. Oh, I lost my trainging of thought, what was I saying?

B. See what happens when you tell me while watching TV!


A. There are so much things I want to tell you about what happened this weekend.

B. Well, hurry and tell me bfore you lose your train of thought.


And I think we need to... um... I forgot what I was going to say. I seem to have lost my train of thought.



I'm thinking you've lost your train of thought. Why don't you relax and start again?



If you're like me, you suffer from the occasional absent-minded moment: misplacing your keys, losing your train of thought, arriving at work without pants, etc.



He had lost his train of thought, and was now asking me to repeat what he had said.



For a long time after her concussion, she would often lose her train of thought.


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