bottom line

原文解釋: 1. used to tell some one what the most important part of a situatiob ( main point)

              2. the profit or the amount of money that a business makes or loses

              3. the least amount of money that you are willing to accept in a bussiness deal

中文解釋: 1.重點





A. What are you saying?

B. The bottom line is that I dont think I can pass the English exam in only one month.


A. Did you understand what the bottom line to his speech was?

B. No, he wasn't speaking his mind so I dont know what he wanted to say.



1.The bottom line for 2001 was pre-tax profit of  5 million (2001年公司財務狀況是税前利潤500萬。)

2.Sales last month failed to add to the company's bottom line.(上月經銷额没能使公司盈利增加。)

3.How will the rise in interest rates affect our bottom line?(利率的提高對我们的利潤有何影響?)



A. Will you take $1500 for the car?

B. Sorry, $2000 is my buttom line.




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