get off one's back

原文解釋: No longer harassing or bothering someone. It is often put as get off someone's back or case.

中文解釋: 就是把「背上的芒刺」拿掉了,就是不再被某人或某事所煩擾了


1.Will you get off my back? 你別再找麻煩好不好?

2. Get off my back! Can't you see how busy I am? 別煩我了, 沒看見我有多忙嗎?

3. I wish that my mom would get off my back about trying to find a better job.


4. Stop picking on me and get off my back . 別再挑惕跟找我麻煩了.



    英文片語 get off one's back


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