up and about

原文解釋: describe a person who has been out sick, but has recovered

               and is now active again.

中文解釋: 指(病人)身體康復可下床走動,身體已康復可活蹦亂跳


1. if someone is up and about after an illness,

    they are well enough to get out of bed and move aroun

2. He was laid up the bed nearly one month, but he is up and about now.

3. a. I heard your father was sick. Is he okay now?

    b. Yes, he's already up and about and he went golfing today!

4. a. How are you feeling these days?

    b. I was out sick the other day, but I am feeling good enough

        to be up and about. Thank you!




    英文片語 up and about


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