sit tight

原文解釋: to wait; to wait patiently. (This does not necessarily refer to sitting.)

中文解釋: 有堅持己見, 耐心等候等意思


1. Just relax and sit tight. I'll be right with you.

2. We were waiting in line for the gates to open when someone came out and told us 

    to sit tight because it wouldn't be much longer before we could go in.

3. If you just sit tight I'm sure your passport will be returned to you.

4. Just sit tight while I go and phone for help.

5. a. I've been sitting tight for the past hour for my doctors appointment.

        How much longer do I have to wait?

    b. Just another 5 minutes, Thank you for being patient!

6. a. Sorry, I'm in a rush now, can I talk to you about that later?

    b. Sure, I'll just sit tight and wait for you!


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