knock it off

原文解釋: quit or stop doing something; to stop doing something that annoys you

中文解釋: 要人停止做某件事, 帶有不要鬧了; 停下來之意思


1. Knock it off, boys! That's enough noise.

2. He asked us to knock it off.

3. The boys were making too much noise, so I told them to knock it off.

4. Knock it off! I'm tired of your teasing.

5.  a. My friend told me I should knock off smoking, what do you think?

     b. I can't agree with her more, it's bad for your health!

6. a. Can you please do something about the loud music?

    b. Okay, I will tell them to knock it off!


    knock it off 英文片語


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