rub someone the right/wrong way

原文解釋: to annoy someone

中文解釋: 觸犯某人,引起反感,不好的印象

               若是rub someone the right way則有安撫某人,使某人息怒之意思


1. He was known as a moody and selfish player who rubbed teammates the wrong way.

2. Don't let his rudeness rub you the wrong way

3. a. Dis she rub you the wrong way? You seem to be mad at her.

    b. She said I look like I'm in my 40's but I'm only 25!

4. a. How are you getting along with people in your class?

    b. Well, my classmate rubbed me the wrong way 

        when she said she didn't have time to help me.


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