ring a bell

原文解釋: [for something] to cause someone to remember something or for it to seem familiar.

中文解釋: 使某人想起某事, 聽起來耳熟, 引起模糊的記憶之意思


1. I've never met John Franklin, but his name rings a bell.

2. Whenever I see a bee, it rings a bell. I remember when I was stung by one.

3. His name rings a bell ; perhaps we have met somewhere.

4. It didn ' t ring a bell , so i asked her to explain.

5. a. What were you supposed to do right after you got home?

        Does the word homework ring a bell?

    b. Oh ya .. I'll do it right after I finish watching TV.

6. a. Do you remember me? My name is Mary Smith.

    b. I'm sorry, that name doesn't ring a bell.



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