keep one's nose out of something

原文解釋: to stay out of something, such as someone else's business.

中文解釋: 不干涉干預(某事)、別多管閒事之意思


1. Try to keep your nose out of stuff that doesn't concern you.

2. Keep your nose out of my personal affairs.

3. What goes on between me and Pete is none of her business

    so she can keep her big nose out of it!

4. The two men worked together well and kept their noses out of each other's personal affairs.

5. a. You are not being nice to Fred so he wants to break up with you.

    b. Mom, can you keep your nose out of my bussiness!

6. a. Should I give you a list on how to be a better friends?

    b. Keep your nose out of my business and worry about yourself!

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