up for grabs

原文解釋: available for anyone; not yet claimed

中文解釋: 人人有機會, 每個人都可爭取之意思


1. The election is up for grabs. Everything is still very chancy.

2. I don't know who will get the promotion. It's up for grabs.

3. I don’t know who will get it. It’s up for grabs.

4. We've got $1000 up for grabs in our new quiz. All you have to do is call this number.

5.  a. What did teacher say about her schedule?

     b. She said all the days in orange are up for grabs.

6. a. Did you see the commercial,

       a round trip ticket air ticket is up for grabs this weekend!

    b. Yes, I'm talking to my family and trying to get that tickaet.


    英文片語 up for grabs


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