raise eyebrows

原文解釋: to shock or surprise people; to cause disapproval or worry

中文解釋: (對...)表示輕蔑(或驚訝、懷疑等)之意思。


1. Anna's miniskirt raised eyebrows at the board meeting.

2. The player's huge transfer fee raised a few eyebrows in the football world.

3. The news that the princess was engaged to a commoner raised eyebrows all over the kingdom.

4. Eyebrows were raised when he shaved all his hair off.

5. The styles now favored by many teenagers have raised a few eyebrows among parents.

6. a. How did you feel when the shyest student won the talent contest?

    b. It raised some eyebrows.

7. a. What was the reaction of the people who saw the magic show?

    b. If definitely raised eyebrows.

    英文片語 raise eyebrows

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