serve someone right

原文解釋: [for an act or event] to punish someone fairly (for doing something)

中文解釋: 帶有活該, 自作自受之意思。


1. It serves you right to have lost your purse . you're always too careless with it.

2. You touched her and she slapped you . it serves you right.

3. I once told you to work hard , but you always turned a deaf ears to me. it serves you right.

4. Punish him; it will serve him right for what he has done to you.

5. After the way she treated him, it would serve her right if he left her.

6. It would serve you right if your children never spoke to you again.

7. John copied off my test paper. It would serve him right if he fails the test.


    serve someone right 英文片語


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