had it coming

原文解釋: if someone had it coming, something bad happened to them

              which they deserved (often + to )

中文解釋: 即將到來,也同樣帶有活該之意思,相似詞有deserves it, sucks for you等等。


1. I feel sorry that he got fired. But he surely had it coming with all those unexcused absences.

2. Maybe I had it coming , you know ? bad karma.

3. The guy really had it coming.

4. She should have it coming on her, for she's been too conceited.

5. I told you not to eat so much chocolate, but you didn't listen. You had it coming.

6. The boy that often bullies other students was kicked out of school. He really had it coming.


    英文片語 had it coming


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