right under your nose 

原文解釋: right in front of someone

中文解釋: (東西)就在眼前; 明顯的之意思


1. Your paper is right under your nose

2. I thought I'd lost my purse, but it was sitting on the table under my very nose.

3. How did Mary fail to see the book? It was right under her nose.

4. The thief stole Jim's wallet right under his nose.

5. I spent all morning looking for the book, and it was right under my nose the whole time.

6. a. Mom, did you see my pink sweater?

    b. It's right under your nose, look more carefully before you ask me!

7. a. I thought I lost my ipod, but guess where I found it?

    b. Right under your nose, huh?

    a. Yes, it was actually right on my desk.


    英文片語 right under your nose


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